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Energy Strategy and Legislation

RA Law on Energy

The law was adopted on March 7, 2001. This law regulates interrelations between legal entities involved in the energy sector, electricity, heating and natural gas consumers pursuant to the law and the state bodies of the Republic of Armenia.

RA Law on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

It was adopted on November 9, 2004. The objective of this law is identification of mechanisms pf state policy principles for development of energy efficiency and renewable energy and the mechanisms of their implementation, targeted at:

  • Strengthening the economic and energy independence of the RA,
  • Raising the economic and energy safety, energy system reliability of the RA,
  • Creation of new industries and organization of services to promote development of the energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • Decrease negative impact on environment and health of people.

National Project of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

The main objective of National Project of EE and RE of the RA is to identify the projective aims of R2E2 Fund and identify the ways of achieving them. The National Project was established based on  of Article 21 <global project of stabile development activities>  developed Committee Environment Protection of UNDP, Strategic Poverty Reduction Project adopted by the Government of the RA, targeted provisions of Energy sector development strategy, as well as state policy principles of energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy sectors specified in RA laws of “Energy” and “Energy Efficiency and Renewable”.