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Energy System

Armenian networks

In 1998-2000 state property privatization program was also included CJSC «Electric Networks of Armenia». According to RA government decision 407 dated 10.06.1999 “ENA” company was to be privatized by international competition. As a result “Midland Resources Holding LTD” became the winner. In august 2002 the shares purchase contract was signed between “Midland Resources” and RA government.Today the owner of CJSC “ENA” is CJSC “RAO UES INTERNATIONAL”,
which bought the electric networks in 2005.CJSC “RAO UES INTERNATIONAL” was formed in 1997. The company is a functioning operator of electricity exports and imports in the territory of Russia, providing both domestic and foreign consumers with electric power. Foreign asset purchases make it possible to essentially strengthen CJSC “RAO UES INTERNATIONAL” position in electricity markets of the countries of Europe, Transcaucasia, Far East and Central Asia. The company represents the interests of the two largest Russian power sector’s participants: RAO UES of Russia and “Rosenergoatom” Holding,” which possess 60 and 40% of the shares respectively. CJSC “RAO UES INTERNATIONAL” is a dynamically developing company, which heads a group of more than 20 companies.

Armenakyan 127
Tel.: 540028
Fax: 528945

Computing center CJSC

The “Computation Centre” CJSC was founded on October 10, 2002, according to RA government resolution. It was registered on October 31, 2002 in Myasnikyan local department of RA register of legal persons. The Company was founded to make power and energy calculations in wholesale market of electro-energy. The main directions of activities are:

  • To calculate produced, delivered, imported , exported and purchased energy/ power
  • To compile energy sale and purchasing acts
  • To calculate technology and inadvertent losses in wholesale energy market.
  • To calculate intersystem flows in local energy systems.
  • To operate and maintain energy systems` commercial power automation systems.
  • To coordinate power calculation commercial and meter extraordinary and planned check-ups

“Computation Centre” CJSC address:
375009, Yerevan, Abovyan st. 27
Phone / FAX (+37410) 542 – 779

Power system operator

“Energy System Operator” CJSC was founded in October 10, 2003, according to N 779A resolution of RA from May 2, 2003. In December 9, 2003 according to resolution N 87A of the Commission on Natural Monopoly Regulation, the Company got the energy system operator license, the period of validity of which was expanded till December 9, 2010.
The Company has an exclusive right to perform fundamental functions of energy system operator, such as: a) The operative technical and economical coordination of energy system
b) The coordination and systematic planning of energy system operations (production, import, export and delivery) according to signed contracts.
c) The initial calculation, marketing and supervision of system value operating and protective equipment, according to license agreement and market rules and so on.

Address: Yerevan, Abovyan st. 27Tel: (0037410) 524-725
FAX: (0037410) 547- 317
Local connection: 28-51, 29, 60

High-voltage network

In pursuance of the order N12 dated 20.01.1997, of Ministry of Energy of RA, proceeding from the improvement necessity in Energy System of RA, “High Voltage Electrical Networks” as a subsidiary company was established in the structure of “Armenergo” State Enterprise on 30.06.1997.Based on the decision N450 dated 20.07.1998 of the Government of RA, “High Voltage Electrical Networks” CJSC (HVEN CJSC) was established on 21.08.1998 in a way of reorganization of subsidiary company as “High Voltage Electrical Networks” CJSC.
The main objects and goals of HVEN CJSC are the transmission of energy via 220-110kV electrical networks, existing in the balance of HVEN CJSC. The problems of HVEN CJSC are as follows:

  • The implementation of 220-110kV electrical networks service operation, maintenance, reconstruction, retooling and design works.
  • The extension and development of transmission networks.
  • The construction of energy facilities and high voltage transmission lines.
  • The providing of OHL and substation equipment operations without failure and readiness to bear the requested load.


Gazprom Armenia

Armenian-Russian Gazprom Armenia Closed Joint Stock Company is considered to be the owner of the whole gas transmission and distribution system of the Republic of Armenia. The constitutors of the Company are the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Armenia, Gazprom OSC and ITERA International Energy L.L.C.
The main sphere of Gazprom Armenia CJSC activity is natural gas transit to the third countries via the territory of Armenia as well as natural gas delivery and its realization in the internal market of the Republic of Armenia. Armenian-Russian Gazprom Armenia Closed Joint Stock Company was set up in 1997. The constitutors of the Company are the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Armenia, Gasprom OSC and ITERA International Energy L.L.C.

Gazprom Armenia CJSC – 43 Tbilissy Highway, 375091, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia
Tel: (3741 0) 294803;
Tel/Fax: (3741 0) 294728

Energy system involved also`

Producing Stations: Nuclear Power Station, Heat Power Stations, Hydro Power Stations, Wind Power Stations,

Solar Energy
Earth Heating Systems,
Biogas and Bioetanol

The Energy Research Institute, Hajatom, Atomenergaseysmanakhagits