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EE projects

Energy Saving is a targeted legal, organizational, scientific, industrial, technological and economic activity, aimed to reduce specific expenses of energetic resources, realized by the use of interrelated methods of energy efficiency, including renewable energy resources into the economy.

The Government of the Republic of Armenia  has undertaken to carry out the World Bank supported  EE street lighting project in public facilities / schools and other educational institutions, kindergartens, hospitals, administrative buildings, cultural and residential building  outdoor lighting and others / since  2012.

Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund started Energy Efficiency Project since   August 10, 2012, the objective of which   is reducing energy consumption in public and municipal buildings and in street lighting systems. The Fund has collected wide information about  the buildings technical parameters, energy consumption and installation, financing of which is based on the demand, however, it  is subject to some  main selection criteria  of technical and financial  eligibility. For   the implementation of construction activities a construction company for each facility is selected in competitive bidding, which is responsible for the implemented activities.

Implemented works

WB Financed Urban Heating Project

1.1 UHP Objective and Components

Recognizing the importance of strengthening the capacity of the heating sector in urban areas of Armenia and sustainable provision of affordable and high quality heating services to consumers the RA Government adopted Urban Heating Strategy (UHS) under its Decree 1384-N as of September 5, 2002. The UHS provides the strategic framework for the short-, medium- and long-term development of the Armenian urban heating sector.
The RA Government and IDA signed the UHP DCA (4102-AM) on July 20, 2005. The DCA was approved by the RA Constitutional Court as of October 3, 2005 and the RA National Assembly ratified it on November 11, 2005.
The International Development Association (through the DCA) provided a credit in the amount of US$ 15.0 million to the Republic of Armenia.
The objective of the Project is to increase the use of clean, efficient, safe and affordable heating technologies in multi-apartment buildings in Armenia. The project includes the following five components:

Component A. US$ 1.0 million
Development of enabling invironment for effective and safe provision of heating services including:

  • Development of regulations, safety norms and standards, and certification of suppliers and equipment, including for natural gas supply;
  • Improvement of legal and regulatory framework to make HOAs more functional and to foster market-based provision of heating services.
  • Capacity building of heat service providers, local financial institutions, and HOAs;
  • Implementation of broad information campaigns and public education programs;
  • Establishment of special advisory center(s). ;
  • Assistance in preparation of sub-loan projects.

Component B: US$ 7.2 million investment financing for heating of residential buildings will be supported under two subcomponents:

B.1 Lending to project beneficiarie (US$ 4.2 million)
It is estimated that about 7,000 households in multi-apartment buildings without access to operational heating services would benefit from these investments.

B.2 Capital grants to thepoor
(US$ 3.0 million)
Eligible households will be identified based on their participation in the existing PFBP. It is estimated that roughly 10,000 poor households will be funded under this component.

Component C: School heating (US$ 5.0 million).
Roughly 100 urban schools will benefit from the installation and rehabilitation of heating systems within the scope of this component.

Component D: Support for project implementation (US$ 0.8 million).

Component E: Project preparation (US$ 1.0 million)