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Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund kindly invites all stakeholders, interested companies, specialists to participate in energy audit training courses.

The main objective of the training is to study methodology and existing experience in energy audit sector, identification of energy efficiency potential and implementation of required energy efficiency measures, as well as verification of investment and design projects that comply with bank financing criteria.

The objective of the training is to solve the following basic tasks.

  • Reveal actual energy indicators and volume of fuel and electricity resources (FER) utilized in buildings/houses ,
  • Identification of reasons of insufficient utilization and losses of FER, elaboration of measures to be undertaken for loss relief,
  • Energy efficiency potential assessment, analysis of payback period, internal profit norms and other financial-economic indicators,
  • Estimation of rational volume of electricity utilized in technological processes, power generation calculation and improvement of control system,
  • Power balance analysis based on standards, identification of optimal electricity consumption regimes, the best energy efficiency and heat isolation designs, outlining.

Payments are allowed by partial financing.

For the detailed information please make contact with Armenia R2E2 Fund

Tel` 588 011, 541732,


With best regards

Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund