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While implementing World Bank finances projects, Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund emphasizes    implementation of environmental and social safeguard   measures,  as well as execution of World Bank policy requirements. Therefore, Environmental Management Plan (EMP) checklists are applied to mitigate impact of local small construction works in public sector under the  energy efficiency project, that become the  constituent part of the Civil works Contract.  Environmental Management Plan (EMP) checklists of current projects are present introduced below.

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) Checklist:

“Erebouni” Criminal-Executive Institution

“Vardashen” Criminal-Executive Institution

“Kosh” Criminal-Executive Institution

“Abovyan” Criminal-Executive Institution

“Noubarashen” Criminal-Executive Institution

“Defendants Hospital” Criminal-Executive Institution

Hrazdan criminal-executive institution

Margahovit village secondary school

Yerevan State Sports College of Olympic Reserve

Institute for Physical Research

L.A.Orbeli Institute of Physiology

National Library

Yerevan State Puppet Theatre

State Chamber Musical Theater

Jermuk City Street Lighting

Noubarashen Mental Hospital

Vagharshapat Hospital

Institute of Molecular Biology

“High Voltage Electric Networks” CJSC “Southern” Branch

Sisian City Street Lighting

Akhouryan Village Street Lighting

Vagharshapat City Special School N2

Vagharshapat Basic School N8

State Engineering University of Armenia

“High Voltage Electric Networks” CJSC “Zangezour” Branch

High Voltage Electric Networks” CJSC “Goris” Branch

“High Voltage Electric Networks” CJSC Eastern Branch

“Ashtarak Medical Center” CJSC Policlinics

Artashat Municipality

Hrazdan city street lighting

Nigavan Village Secondary School

Kapan city street lighting

Yerevan Basic School 66

Yerevan Basic School 61

Artashat Municipality

Yerevan Basic School 44

Dilijan Basic School N 2

Ijevan city street lighting

Yerevan Basic School N 163

Yerevan Secondary School #187

Armenian State University of Economics

National Archives of Armenia

Yerevan School N 21

Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute

Dilijan City Street Lighting

Vayk City Street Lighting

Lchashen secondary school

Vayk preschool N3

Gavar N5 school

Masis Medical Center

Ararat Basic School N4

Masis Basic School N2

Mets Masrik Village Secondary School